Nature & Vitality is a group show focusing on the dual theme of the natural world and the energies within it. Paintings and sculptures from around the world will be featured in this show which is accompanied by poetic pieces inspired by the artwork. List of artists:

Myra Abelson
Betty Canick
Malcolm Montague Davis
Andrew Wei Huang
KY Huang
Jean Sbarra Jones
Anya Leveille
Lori Mehta
Thomas Miller
Adrienne Shishko
Chaucer Silverson
James Varnum

List of Poets:

Matthew Goff
Donald Grinberg
Christopher Lee
Deborah Leipziger
Samantha Noderer
Renuka Raghavan
Barbara Rosen
Daniel Shkolnik 
Karin Stanley
Elizabeth Vickers
Cate Wnek