"Times Like These" is a solo show by the artist Milo. 

Milo is a Newton, Massachusetts-based painter living and working in the Claflin School Studios. His work has been exhibited in galleries locally, nationally and internationally.

The images that Milo explores expose tensions on both a very human scale, as well as on a larger, more socio-political one. Amidst the harsh disharmony and tumult of our current time, he hopes that his approach to the human struggle helps recall to viewers the primacy of human lives and interactions that can be obscured by the political noise in which we currently live.

Milo has been fascinated with the human experience and emotions throughout his life and career. As he became more aware of his inclination to portray the uniquely human facets of life, he began to notice a discrepancy between emotions as expressed by children and adults. He found that as adults, emotions are masked, hidden, and (often) calculated. When adults allow themselves to release their emotions, it is often only under circumstances that are extremely “safe” to the individual. In contrast, he found that children’s emotions tend to be raw and more authentic; they are honest in their interpretation of a situation.

For his current body of work, Milo studied his son, currently four years old. The artist specifically focused on his son’s fluctuating emotional states. Milo’s work mainly depicts the emotions of rage and sadness as expressed by his son, and he imposes them onto allegorical, political, and imaginary images.