Seagrass, green crabs, invaders, ecosystems and lots of paint... 

Please join us for a look at what happens when eelgrass habitats have unexpected guests that eat through everything. Learn how the green crabs themselves have been uprooted and what happens when this stranger arrives on our shores.  This show combines video footage from seagrass field work, paintings inspired by this research and an intriguing discussion on seagrass habitats by the scientists.

"Uprooted" is co-curated by art critic Oliva Kiers and gallery director Christine O'Donnell

Opening Reception:
Friday October 5th, from 6 pm

Seagrass Discussion with Coastal Ecologists:
Saturday, October 13th, 12 PM

BU's Dr. Alyssa Novak, MIT SeaGrant Dr. Julie Simpson, and Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program's Coastal Coordinator Peter Phippen will lead a discussion on eelgrass habitats and green crabs in and around the Great Marsh area.